Welcome, Fellow Entrepreneurs!

Welcome, Fellow Entrepreneurs!

Dear Entrepreneur,

Welcome! My name is Zach and I like to create things. I always have.

Working with numerous entrepreneurs over the years, learning all the theories behind entrepreneurship in business school (and in law school to some extent), and being on the ground doing it myself, I can say that it is no easy task. It is a task that is taxing, stressful, expensive, and yet (often) rewarding.

I founded ContriVision Consulting Services (i.e., your current location) as a direct result of the need for the services that we offer. After nearly a year of freelancing doing this work, I thought it was time to put boots to the ground (so to speak) and embark on my second venture. (You can check out my first venture more here). And BOOM, just like that, I became a “serial entrepreneur”.

Our slogan says it all: we’re millennials (we can’t control our age!); we’re entrepreneurs (obviously); and we’re perfectionists (enough said). These three things together identify the quality of services we provide: we focus on innovative methods utilizing technology; we understand first-hand the struggles of venture creation because we do it ourselves; and we work diligently to get results for our clients because being perfectionists demands it of us.

Bottom line: we want to help you contrive (#TenDollarWord) your business vision by mapping out and navigating the way with you and, sometimes, for you. Let’s make the world a better place one start-up at a time!

Reach out today and see how we can help by clicking here.